Dublin - 4 (Ireland)

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Trip To Cliffs Of Moher,Connemara,DoolinVillage & Kinvara

Visited a lot of beautiful landcapes ; Thanks to paddywagontours Started our day with  Bunratty Castle where we stop for photos and refreshments and started moving to Cliff of Moher to Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. The Cliffs of Moher forming a part of the edge of Western Europe, this landscape really is a “must see” on a visit to…
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Howth (Ireland)

Howth is located on the peninsula of Howth Head, which begins around 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) east-north-east of Dublin, on the north side of Dublin Bay. The village itself is located 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Dublin city centre (the ninth of a series of eighteenth century milestones from the Dublin General Post Office (GPO) is in the village itself), and spans most of the northern part of Howth Head, which was once an island but now is connected to the rest of Dublin via a narrow strip of land (tombolo) at Sutton. Howth is located in the administrative county of Fingal.